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EL_DB Condensing (cod. 00723520)

  • Floor-standing boiler designed for domestic and residential heating, with light oil blower burner (not supplied with the boiler, to be ordered separately).
  • Condensing heat regenerator.
  • Cast iron boiler body for 3-stage combustion process with fire-tube firebox.
  • Combustion chamber and heat exchanger designed to guarantee efficiency levels of over 103\%.
  • Designed for connection to an external 130-litre capacity stainless steel domestic hot water cylinder, also to be positioned beneath the boiler.
  • Boiler body insulation consisting of a thick fibreglass blanket, covered by an aluminium mesh flame-proof film against heat dispersion.
  • Available with Basic control panel or with advanced Digit control panel (to be selected at the time of order).


How to order EL_DB 32 condensing ?
Order separately:boiler, burner, control panel and any other accessories required such as water cylinder, sensors, hydraulic connections, etc. You must order at least one boiler and the basic control panel.

Description of Accessories

  • Basic Control Panel: Simple analogue control panel for boiler operation with the burner. Suitable for use in heating only.
  • Digit Control Panel: Advanced digital control panel for complete control of both boiler and system. Digital control panel with multi-function backlit graphic display for easy parameter set-up. Can be connected to an external sensor (on request) for climate control, a water cylinder sensor (on request), a CRM type remote control and a zone management control unit (on request).
  • 130-litre stainless steel cylinder
  • Hydraulic connection kit for EL_DB 32 Condensing-water cylinder (code 08524840)
  • Soundproofing bonnet
  • Eco 3 light oil burner (code 00840005)


Detail recuperator


dettaglio recuperatore


Basic Control Panel


Cruscotto base


Simple analog instrument panel for the operation of the boiler with the burner. Suitable for use in heating only.


Digit Control Panel


Cruscotto Digit


Technical data


EL_DB 32 Condensing U.M.  
Number of elements - 3
Heat capacity (min - max) kW 16,3 - 33,0
Heat output (80-60 °C) (min - max) kW 16,0 - 32,0
Heat output (50-30 °C) (min - max) kW 17,0 - 33,8
Performance 80-60 °C (Pmin - Pmax) % 97,9 - 97,1
Performance 50-30 °C (Pmin - Pmax) % 103,9 - 102,7
Performance 30% % 103,6
Energy efficiency directive 92/42 EEC - -
Operating pressure heating (min - max) bar 0,8 - 3,0
Maximum temperature heating °C 95
Heating water content l 21
Capacity expansion tank heating l 8
Sanitary water content (with kit kettle) l 130
DHW flow rate ΔT 30 °C (with kit kettle) l/10 min 250
DHW flow rate ΔT 30 °C (with kit kettle) l/h 850
Degree of protection IP X0D
Supply Voltage V/Hz 230 / 50
Electrical power consumption W 320
Empty weight Kg 183
Pressure drop flue gas side mbar 0,11


Connections and dimensions




A: 400 mm

a1 (System delivery): 1''

a2 (System return): 1''

a5: 105 mm

a6 (Domestic hot water outlet): 3/4''

a7 (Recirculation): 3/4''

a8 (Domestic hot water inlet): 3/4''

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