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Water purifiers

  • Water U.V.
    • Ultraviolet water purifiers which allow the almost total elimination (over 99\%) of organisms in the water, including bacteria, yeasts, fungi, etc.
    • The disinfection achieved by the UV rays is a valid alternative to chemical means, since many micro-organisms have become resistant to chemicals used for disinfection.
    • Lamp sheathed by a "TEFLON LAMP" and immersed directly in the water. This facilitates the maintenance task for the operator, avoiding the risk of breaking the quartz tube.
    • Ideal for installation in well waters, or in aqueducts, upstream of water collection tanks and after filtration, to guarantee the removal of bacteria.
    • Max. temperature 45/50°C.
    • Max. pressure 12 bar.
    • Lamp ON signal LED.
    • Electronic meter (hours of operation).
    • Lamp life of 9,000 hours.
    • Entirely stainless steel body.

    Installation and maintenance

    • Easy to install because they require no substantial modifications to systems in general. Simply connect it to the hydraulic system water flow and to a 230 V/50 Hz electricity socket (always install vertically  leaving room above for the lamp replacement)
    • Easy maintenance and lamp replacement thanks to the simplicity of the system (sheathed lamp).


    • UV ray water purifiers are certified EC.

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