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Water dispensers

  • Topazio
    • Topazio is compact, stylish and designed for installation under the sink.
    • The 3-button tap dispenses micro-filtrated water at all times: natural, cooled and sparkling.
    • Silent operation is its distinguishing trait, allowing Topazio to be installed in any setting.
    • A micro-processor manages Topazio, which by means of sensors is capable of detecting faults, signalling the failure and shutting down operation, as in the event of a water leak.
    • The monitoring system is managed by a chip card which controls the life span of the filter and signals when it is time to replace it.
    • The low energy consumption levels ensure this product complies with the strictest regulations.
    • Complete with disposable CO2 cylinder and filter for micro-filtration.

    Installation and maintenance

    • Easy to install and adaptable to various requirements, because it requires no substantial modifications to the system. Simply connect it to the cold water inlet under the sink and to a 230 V/50 Hz power supply socket.

    Accessories supplied

    • Power supply wire.
    • Water connection hose.
    • Ø 3/8" connector for connection to the water mains.


    • Topazio water dispensers are certified EC.
  • Giada
    • Compact and stylish water dispenser that dispenses micro-filtrated water at all times:natural, cooled and sparkling.
    • Complete with disposable CO2 cylinder.

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