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Floor Standing Boiler Cast Iron

  • Eco logik
    • High yield GG 20 (EN-GJL-200) cast iron solid fuel boiler, fit for wood or coke combustion.
    • Pellet operation after assembling of the burner plate and the pellet burner Eco 3.4 P.
    • Class 3 efficiency according to EN 303-5.
    • Efficiency until 81% burning wood, thanks to large exchange surface of cast iron sections.
    • Generous combustion chamber, until 128 dm3, which allows burning of large logs and less wood refuelling.
    • Adjustable smokes deflector on back flues outlet.
    • Stainless steel ash tray with easy front access.
    • Thermostatic regulator supplied as a standard.
    • Safety overheating device available as an optional MODEL.


     Overheating safety valve and coil


    The installation of this device is compulsory according to EN 303-5 directive. It consists in a safety valve and a coil. The latter is an exchanger, adequately sized for each model size, to be immersed in boiler’s heating water, through a proper niche. The relief valve detects the boiler’s temperature through a probe with double sensor. In case boiler’s temperature reaches 95°C, the valve releases the excess heat, exchanged in the safety coil.


    Pellet conversion kit

    conversion kit

    In case Eco Logik is wished to be fuelled with pellet, an optional conversion kit can be ordered and installed anytime. A specific pellet door is to be hinged on the left side of the boiler, without removing the original wood one, which remains hinged at the right side. The reversible pellet conversion kit is equipped with a microswitch in the package. It has to be installed on the door support and interrupts burner electric supply whenever the burner door is opened.


    Double door system


    eco logik



    fuel version

    Fuel version





    Thanks to this double door system it is possible to switch retroactively fuel type with very few, quick operations, thus allowing the user to enjoy advantages of pellet and wood according to his needs, his desires and his supply of fuel. Simple and economic wood operation can be alternated whenever required with practical, clean, highly efficient, programmable pellet operation with the utmost fexibility.


    Best performances with Lamborghini’s system


    Lamborghini’s pellet solutions widely comply with the most severe emission class of EN 303-5 directive I.E. Class 3.

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